Our Story

Yellow Wellie began with broken bones and leaky wellie boots. It all began when I very foolishly broke my leg at my busiest time of year, May! I could no longer tend to my gardens on my own and none of my colleagues knew any of my clients so I was a bit stuck to keep my business going (which was really just me) and sit on the couch with my leg up on five pillows. So, I started hiring. I started making colleagues whom had their own gardening work take care of my clients as well. I had finally realized how fragile my business plan was if it was just me so it was time to change.

Since my new crew had the horticultural basics covered, I just had to start with teaching my ’employees’ how to drive large vans. To do this day, I will always thank N for finishing what the doctors didn’t: She managed to completely relocate my ankle on the very first left-hand turn! She drove that van right up on the curb and pop…it was back in.

That was the toughest part over at least. Now there are a few of us, plant nerds at heart, ladies who love being in the garden and coming home dirty. Ladies who read books about pruning in the evenings before bed and whom, although well able, have NO interest whatsoever in lifting lawnmowers out of the back of a van.

The yellow wellies, well that came from my decision that I would like to be a stylish gardener and I cant think of much else more fashionable than a gardener in nice, bright Yellow Wellies.

Lastly, my Yellow Wellie blog is an opportunity for me to share my version of what happens in the gardens of Ireland.


One thought on “Our Story

  1. O'Baire says:

    Rita, I love this and I am so happy you are writing about soils, including a link to the academic as I want to become more and more knowledgeable in the domain of growing food and flowers.

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