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Transatlantic musings: Bring your root vegetable and one tasty recipe

I have been back and forth a couple of times now. It was an experimental year, having work on two different continents. Technically me, myself and my tiny small business are multi-national.

On the one hand, this experiment was inconclusive on the whole, at least in regards to what I was hoping to determine. On the other hand, it provided the opportunity for several small revelations. Ones that are entirely unexpected yet very useful when you are constantly trying to perfect the ease with which you slip from one country to the other. One that helps in making the transition from garbage cans to bins, from boots to trunks, from cookies to biscuits, from BAY-sil to BAH-sil and back again.

One such surprising revelation was the realization that carrying a root vegetable with you at all times is a cross-cultural piece of good advice.  At first, I assumed this would be relevant advice only when travelling through Ireland, making social visits and gardening along the way. I mean, the Irish and their root vegetables are hard to part and you would THINK only chocolate would bring smiles to people’s faces. Try walking in with a pound of fresh carrots or a handful of beets, glowing garnet in the fading evening sunlight.

And to my complete surprise, this wasn’t a bad rule of thumb to follow in the States either. Although you definitely have to process and package your root vegetable a little bit more (think candied yams or potato gratin), at the end of the day, people smile when you walk in with a root vegetable.

So, for those of you who might be a doing a bit of travelling between Ireland and the States, or perhaps have those lovely root vegetables that are just starting to come into season in the veg bed, here is one of my favorite root vegetable recipes courtesy of my good friend Jed. It’s one sure to be welcome in any home whether it be the rocky shores of New England or the windy shores of Southwest Ireland.

As a note: I am not a recipe writer and I hate having to convert things when I bring my recipes from country to country, thus there is a little bit of instinct required and a willingness to rely on handfuls and taste testing.


Jeds beet recipe

And it will look like a purple hot mess but I promise friends will love it….

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