And on offer..

Yellow Wellie Garden Maintenance

Yellow Wellie provides garden maintenance for people who truly love their gardens and want the most from them. We would consider ourselves garden specialists so we focus on the good bits (flowers) and stay away from the lawns and hedges.

We offer both once off visits (maybe you’ve got a communion/wedding/christening coming up and would like to impress the relatives with your lovely garden?) and regular maintenance schedules depending on your budget and what you want from your garden.

We design and plant beautiful, stunning, unique window boxes and containers.  We also deliver them straight to your door. We do not install though so keep that in mind. We could point you in the right direction though if himself doesn’t fancy getting up that ladder.

We do try and minimize all chemical use and maximize the use of natural products and methods for controlling disease and pests in the garden. We use peat free compost when possible.

We are based in Cork, Ireland but work all over the country.



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