In the markets of Maputo.


“Two cold beers please” and “Thank you” is about the extent of  my vocabulary in Portuguese but somehow, with good will on both sides, and a good sense of humour, everything can be accomplished.

The taxi screeches to a halt and we all pile out, thankful for a slight breeze from the Indian Ocean. Christmas in Maputo has been tremendous fun, full of colour and life and no more so than in the vibrant bustling markets.

Maputo market

We now sit by the side of the road, amidst a certain degree of confusion, as sugar cane is slashed with a machete and fed into a juicer, the resultant liquid, laced with fresh ginger and lime, is instantly refreshing. Money and handshakes are exchanged and we are on our way again, this time to the fish market further up the coast.

Sugar cane juice

Giant prawns  and calamari are piled on counters, the gimlet eyed fishwives…

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