Walton Court. Cappuccino. Flowers. Crackling Fire and the best Irish swimming pool.

Softy, spongy chocolate beetroot cupcakes, a warm fire after a day on the water, apple cider cake, cappuccino. An enclosed Italian style swimming pool, closed for the season. Grapevines casually draped over pergolas and pillars. Swiss chard pushing through like tomorrow was Spring again. I think this has been one of my favorites places I have been in years in Ireland. A hidden gem that I can’t believe I never knew about.

Perfect swimming pool for Ireland

Swimming in Ireland. Miss Havisham could be hiding anywhere…

As for the garden it has the most wonderful feeling of intensely cared for and slight abandonment. Things have been given the opportunity to grow whichever they want but not out of neglect per se. Somehow it adds  whimsy and mystery to the courtyard. Somehow it makes it easier to imagine the people that have been in and out of that courtyard over 100 years when things are not so perfectly kempt.

But whimsy and neglect aside. It is the best cappuccino I have had in a long time and the most perfect swimming pool for Ireland.

To see more beautiful photos from  Jed Niezgoda go to www.venividi.ie

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