Lost my wellies…

Or so it seems when you start a blog and then don’t post for a month. It was good weather which does mean that I have been working my buns off in the gardens trying to meet the deadlines. In the States, it is the 4th of July deadline. In Ireland it is that elusive ‘summer’ deadline…the one that changes every year and may occur at any time of the year. For example, last year everyone in Cork spent most of August inside in woolly jumpers hoping for summer to come in September. Well, I think it came, eventually: the first sand pail I saw heading to the beach was November 4th. That is no word of a lie.

But the lack of posts goes beyond just a busy season. I have had what everyone warned me of and what I feared the most when I started a blog: what if you have nothing to say? What if you have nothing to write about? Yes, I have indeed had about a month of just pure lack of inspiration when I needed it. Of course I DID have it every time I was digging a hundred holes for hydrangeas and shoveling yards and yards of mulch but not one of those inspirational thoughts stayed in my head long enough to make it home with me to the end of the day. And I couldn’t bring myself to write about random new organic fertilizers that I found or new pruning techniques so instead…I have not written.

Then, there was the criticism. One of my good friends told me he hadn’t been reading my blog, just skimming it, because it was all a bit much about gardens for him. And so for a bit I was trying to think about how I could make it more interesting for non-gardeners and maybe it was all too boring and on and on and on with all these thoughts and anger towards my critical friend and one of my main followers ( I think there are maybe five at the moment?).

But, I am back, I have found my wellies and will re-start my blogging career with a bit of Stateside Nantucket inspiration: cottage garden combinations (sorry JJ, but it is a gardening blog after all).Yellow Wellie

I have been back in the States for just over a month and have been enjoying the cottage gardens which are just coming into bloom. A couple of combinations for the romantics:

Creepy statue in climbing hydrangea. Always a winner

Peony and astrantia...a lovely combination

Peony and astrantia…a lovely combination

A Grandmother's dream come true. The colors are off in this photo but this actually a peachy Abraham Darby rose with a soft mauve and white hollyhock. Very Ann of Green Gables.
The Hollyhock and Rose combo – A Grandmother’s dream come true. The colors are off in this photo but this is actually a peachy Abraham Darby rose with a soft mauve and white hollyhock. Very Anne of Green Gables.

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